the chef

Chef Giuseppe Piruzza knew from an early age he had a passion for cooking. His Sicilian immigrant parents, realizing that schoolwork was not his forte, Giuseppe began at the age of 10 working alongside his mother in their family-owned restaurant and pizzeria.

His earliest recollection of the kitchen takes him back to evenings of slicing pepperoni and folding pizza boxes while standing atop a milk crate. Occasionally, his mom would allow him to reach over the stove and stir the tomato sauce. He soon realized he had found his true vocation.

Creative Passion

His infectious passion and adventurous spirit continued to lure him into the culinary world. Busing tables, washing dishes, and prepping food were his steps to becoming a chef and a restauranteur. After studying Culinary Arts at Oakland College in Michigan, Chef Giuseppe opted to travel and cook abroad in South Korea, Japan, Hong Kong, Kazahkstan, Russia, Egypt, and Israel.

His experience in Asia galvanized Chef Giuseppe’s desire for hard work and attention to detail. He has used those qualities to shape his style, flair, and depth of knowledge.

Upon his return to North America, Chef Giuseppe accepted a position in Detroit, Michigan, as an executive sous chef. His dishes reflected an everlasting pursuit of his inventive and inspired cooking. His ambition and creativity earned him several awards, including being named, “one of Metro Detroit’s Top 10 Chefs.”

Contemporary Meets Classic

Although Chef Giuseppe developed a prowess for satisfying the palates of a wide variety of clientele, he preferred specializing in old-world Sicilian cuisine drawn from his native Sicilian roots. He put a contemporary spin on traditional dishes and was awarded the 1997 Golden Fork, along with the Restaurant of Distinction Award, by the Gourmet Diner’s Society of North America.

His vast knowledge of the Italian & Mediterranean cuisine, culinary expertise, and incomparable sense of presentation provide you with an unparalleled dining experience. Contact him today to find out what so many others have already discovered.